Tuesday, 23 January 2018

Impressionist style painting

In my quest to find my painting 'style' I am trying to make this most recent painting more impressionist in style.  It is NOT COMPLETED YET and I am still working on the foreground and sky area.  I chose a lighter palette and trying to do more brushy strokes of paint.  I find I am needing feedback and will try to get a critique from the FCA (Federation of Canadian Artists), of which I am a member, and who provide a monthly critique session.

On the weekend my spouse and I had a nice afternoon checking out galleries here in the city.  We were just looking but the  The Front Gallery had a one person show of Kari Duke's work, which I have long admired.  So... our tradition is that instead of buying Anniversary gifts for each other we buy a piece of art every couple of years - we bought this one below - cause we both really like her style and these back alleys are pretty iconic I am sure I have walked down a few while living near the University in the 'ol days.

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