Monday, 23 October 2017

Monday, funday...

I didn't get to paint much on the weekend, but I thought about it a lot. Today I was over-thinking the horse-drawn sleigh painting.  I had decided to get rid of a fair bit of stuff - like the passengers on the sleigh and much of the harness paraphernalia as it was obscured by the steam coming off the horses. I need to let it dry up a bit and put the steam in I think and then correct the colours around it.  So I put it aside and started a small 8x8 painting of a new favourite pizza place, called The Stone and Wheel.  Was waiting for some pies the other night and liked the lighting so I snapped a photo and will try to make this one nice and loose and painterly, not dab it to death.  
sketchy stuff
adding a wash to get some values
still struggling

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